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AeroClarity is an air quality sensor from space! Sound cool? That's because it is cool. We use high resolution images from miniaturized satellites (CubeSats) and data  workflows / machine learning algorithms to determine air quality on earth... at a fraction of the cost.



Dirty air is the "greatest external threat to public health" (CBS News) and requires increased monitoring at industrial facilities and communities. Current air monitoring sensors are expensive, require regular maintenance and physical installation - creating additional burden, processes, and bureaucracy for collecting regular high quality measurements. AeroClarity reduces the burden, process overhead, bureaucracy, and maintenance costs for ambient air quality monitoring. Additionally, AeroClarity offers superior resolution and temporal frequency compared to existing air monitoring solutions.


Flamelit (Creator of AeroClarity) is in the Research and Development phase of using CubeSat technologies, data science algorithms, and machine learning methods to improve quality and reduce costs of air quality remote sensing. AeroClarity provides ambient air quality monitoring requiring no install, maintenance, or manual labor. The difference is clear with our new approach to monitoring services.


The global environmental monitoring market size was valued at $19.89 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $43.48 billion by 2030. Our target customers include;


  • Industrial facilities & ranches. There are 1,000+ natural gas electric power producers, 1,000+ hazardous waste management facilities, 10,000+ waste management facilities, 628,000+ manufacturing businesses, and 700,000+ industrial ranches. All required to do environmental monitoring, including ambient air quality monitoring.

  • Healthcare providers, public health agencies, and research institutions increasing research with the rising awareness of air quality impacts on health.

  • Urban planners, real estate developers, smart city initiatives increasing ambient air monitoring for increased demand by community members for better air quality.

  • Insurance companies, risk management consultancies looking for air quality measurements for more accurate environmental risk assessment.



Flamelit's AeroClarity air quality remote sensing from space will improve Air Quality efforts in three ways; 

  1. Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring Capabilities: AeroClarity will significantly advance the field of environmental monitoring by providing ultra-high-resolution data on PM2.5 levels. This will enable more accurate and localized air quality assessments, contributing to better environmental management, monitoring, and public health policies (of which a natural outcome is assisting climate change mitigation).

  2. Contribution to Scientific Research and Public Health: AeroClarity will contribute valuable data and insights to the scientific community, aiding in research related to environmental health and climate science. The availability of high-resolution, frequent PM2.5 data can transform our understanding of air quality and its impacts, leading to more informed public health decisions and interventions.

  3. Technological Advancements: AeroClarity's successful implementation of advanced deep learning methods and satellite imagery analysis will represent a significant technological leap for remote sensing of PM2.5. This will not only benefit the field of remote sensing but also set new standards for data accuracy and application in environmental monitoring.

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