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At Flamelit, we ignite insights for public good through pioneering data science. We work at the forefront of the possible, turning AI/ML emerging technologies into useful digital services for government, non-profits, and commercial IT firms.

Improving mission readiness and delivery through improved insights - we use scientific methods, processes, algorithms, AI/ML, digital service systems and governance to solve problems, ignite mission insights, and transform organizations.

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We build data science systems

The need for automated intelligence guiding digital services delivery is massive and growing.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Agile data science delivery

We enhance your organization by embedding in your Agile technology teams for predictive modeling and business intelligence needs.

Human-centered design

We design & develop AI/ML systems to empower your workforce and improve your organization's delivery.

Build where you stand

We integrate data science into your existing technology stack, adapting to your current and planned technology stacks.

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Why Flamelit?
We Ignite Insights for Public Good

We believe in working to benefit people

We believe in insights at the speed of need

We believe we should leave the world better than we found it


Proportion of Federal IT budget spent to operate and maintain legacy systems, which benefit from data science integration.


Annual spending by the Federal Government for commercial data science contracts.


Count of Federal agencies and departments funding data science projects and deliverables.

US Citizens and Immigration Services

Modernize biometrics collection and expansion of biometrics beyond background checks to include identity verification, secure document production and records management. Improving the screening and vetting process and reducing USCIS dependence on paper documents.

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