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The Federal Cloud Data Management Alliance is a group of companies who have teamed up for a "go to market" strategy to expedite and improve cloud-based data management for the Federal Government. We believe commercial leading cloud-based data management platforms are best suited to help the Federal Government improve services and leap in to the modern era of insights, knowledge, and delivery of service. Flamelit is proud to lead this innovative, impactful, diverse, and dedicated group.


Data Lakes & Lakehouses

As the Federal Government moves on from inflexible and expensive on-prem Data Warehouses to store and manage their data, cloud-based data lakes and lakehouses are proving to be a better alternative. The Federal Cloud Data Management Alliance is focused on delivering leading technologies like AWS, Azure, Snowflake & Databricks as the platforms for future insight driven, flexible, and secure data marketplaces.

AWS, Azure, Snowflake & Databricks

As commercial leading cloud-based Data Wearhouses, Data Lakes, and Lakehouses data management platforms, we believe both these tools are positioned well to be AI platforms of the future. The ease of use, lower costs of management, and future proof analytics ecosystem of these platforms - make for a great transition to modernization for our Federal clients.



The Federal Cloud Data Management Alliance has organized around a shared concept of Business Development as a Service. The capabilities diverse team collectively shares BD resources aligned around a single market strategy of integrating, building, and working with cloud-based data management platforms in the Federal Government.

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